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Gentoo use flags example
Gentoo use flags example

Gentoo use flags example

Download Gentoo use flags example

Download Gentoo use flags example

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In this variable you add the extra USE flags you require, or remove the USE I, for example, don't want any Qt/KDE applications and therefore

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Gentoo Linux portage relies on USE flags to customize compiling options for software. Here's an example showing how to organize USE flags in a make.conf file 1 Gentoo basics; 2 USE flags and optional packages; 3 Required packages add multiple mirror sites to the file /etc/make.conf, as in the following example:For example, say you need to use Samba to connect to a Windows based computer, Gentoo Linux provides a few "different" use flags, which are set in various Jump to Example - 1.1. Example. The GNU Midnight Commander can be compiled with and without support for gpm (Console-based mouse driver), nls

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Jul 19, 2008 - USE flags affect how many of the packages on your system will build. As an example, mail-client/mutt-1.5.11 offers eighteen flags. Some flags howtos, tips&tricks and tutorials for gentoo linux Example: Adding mozilla as a USE flag # euse -E mozilla // Example: Removing Normally I look at all the available use flags from the Gentoo website and stick In your example of amarok and mysql you may insert a line. Dec 31, 2014 - Example. FILE /etc/portage/package.use. # enable the offensive USE flag for app-admin/sudo app-admin/sudo offensive # disable mysql Jump to USE flags - As an example, here are the USE flags for a vhost-based mysql apache2 system: USE="apache2 bzlib crypt curl java perl php png gd

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